a scrumptious person or thing
After spending a long night with him, she felt scrumptious. I've never been spunkier, she thought.
by Mandingoe May 28, 2004
A cool person who should stop crying and be happy and whom jack green does not deserve if he is gonna be a prat and is also quite feisty ;)
Spunky Grace Shelley for example
by salmon da lad April 26, 2011
to be covered in spunk, like bukakke.
Gemma's face was all spunky after the 5 man bukakke session.
by L_Z January 28, 2005
The name of the countrys longest running weekly Hardcore Music Event. Founded by Mayhem and Jeopardy (Pinky and Perky) back in the 1900's it has bought some, if not all, of the biggest names in the hardcore music scene to its home town Hereford.
raver 1. where ya goin 2nite?

raver 2. im off to Play/Dusk to listen to pointless remixes and watch slappers chat up chavs

raver 1. Dont be a soft cunt, come and stomp the night away at Spunky @ the Lock up!
by skoobz May 09, 2007
Farting in one hand, and while cupping it, you place it over another person's nose.
He gave her a spunky with his right hand.
by SOUSE June 04, 2006
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