An excuse for people to act like uninhibited promiscuous clownshoes.
My cousin went off to spring break.
by Kix May 04, 2004
In Aussie it's called schoolies. Gold Coast, Bris Vegas, Margaret River or Rotto. "Toolies" the older and ex schoolies that just won't move on...
What ya up to for schoolies?
by I need a life. March 23, 2005
First... let's look at the word SPRING

Spring... also known as springs in a car...

The other word is Break : another piece you can find in a car... very useful at anytime... if you are on the highway nd you are out of breaks... you can say you are in a deep sh*t

Then, if we mix those two words... it makes SPRING BREAK... it's a king of springy break... I mean : when you try to break... there is kind of srping sensation...

By the way... a spring break : it's a spring break!
Oh my god! My car's out of spring breaks...
by Nicolas Bureau March 23, 2005
Spring Break:
A "break" is not found in this week. This week is when students do more catch up homework ever expected because assignments have been stopped for this one week.
Senior year in high school is when there is no break in spring break
by too tired to care July 03, 2016
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