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a kickass musical about coming of age in turn-of-the-cetury germany that opened on broadway at the eugine o'neill theatre in winter of '06. the show was adapted from the book of the same name by frank wedekind. it has a large base of awesome and dedicated fanatics, largely because of the show's risky themes and explicit songs. it features supurb acting and vocal stylings of young actors, all of which are under the age of 24 (in the original cast).
dude #1: hey wanna see spring awakening?

dude #2: is that the one with all of the sex?

concerned friend: so exactly HOW many times have you seen spring awakening?

guilty one/spring junkie: only 11!!! but im rushing it next weekend. and the weekend after. and the weekend after! YAYYYY

by Marianna Whealen May 12, 2007
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The worst play ever made. Girls like it, and so do gay guys.
Tim: Hey let's see spring awakening?
John: Helllllll no! Are you gay now?

Tim: Yes
by Reed Son November 08, 2008
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