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A combination of 'spiffy' and 'rad'.

girl: I think you're so spriffy.
boy: Don't you mean, spiffy?
girl: No. I mean spriffy.
by Louse. August 17, 2006

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Derived from the word spiffy, spriffy has two meanings. The first meaning what you call a person when they don't act the way you thought they would. For example, a quiet individual might seem normal until you begin speaking too them or a person who seems to have alot of facial expressions ends up having a monotone voice. The second meaning is being a wholly cool person, in the how smart they are, the way they talk, and the way they dress. For example, a nerd who dresses fashionably and talks "cool" is spriffy.
Example 1:
I would never think Justin would sound so monotone when I first met him, that guy's so spriffy.

Example 2:
Anthony's so spriffy, he dresses amazing and knows what he's talking about too!
by lady-esquire April 24, 2013