Spoop is a when a teacher says a dumb thing
My teacher made a spoop when he got ho and hoe mixed up.
by Martini November 03, 2003
Top Definition
When one person (the little spoon) defecates into the lap of another (the big spoon) while engaging in the act of spooning.
Big Pete immediately vomited after some fat chick spooped in his lap.
by Robert E June 12, 2008
when one spanks the monkeywhile simultaneously sinking a battleship. see pulp fiction before the guy misses all six shots
is he shitting?
i think hes beating off.
maybe its both?
by hewhospoopsnot June 28, 2006
a combination of the words "speed" and "poop," together meaning a quick poop.
Thank god it was a spoop, or else I would have been late to the meeting.
by Worksworth March 16, 2011
A mixture of sperm and poop
I spooped all over the bed last night
by as;odifa;sldkf January 06, 2015
A slimy mixture of shit and cum. This phenomenon usually occurs after anal cream pies, when one contracts the semen out of their ass (usually for visual stimulative purposes) to unknowingly present it mingled with their own shit juices.
Guy 1: I was all excited all after loading that bitch's ass with my spooge... until she forced it out with the chipotle burrito she had for lunch.
Guy 2: Weak. What did you do?
Guy 1: I put the spoop on a frozen waffle and made the bitch eat it.
Guy 2: Not weak.
by Angel Spawn June 30, 2010
the mixture of sperm and poop left as evidence of some butt humping
Josh: Is that spoop on your chest?
Kevin: I must have missed some in my attempts to gurgle!
by shell hunter March 06, 2013
The gelatinous mixure of semen, and feces.
I observed Alfred tonight, forcibly penetrating Dick up the rectum, which caused a coating of spoop on his penis, all the while Dick was performing fellatio upon T.J.
by Linda Lou May 20, 2004

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