Spoop is a when a teacher says a dumb thing
My teacher made a spoop when he got ho and hoe mixed up.
by Martini November 03, 2003
Top Definition
A even spookier meaning of the word "Spook".
The language this is most used in are skeletons and their battle commands, in their language it means. "Good calcium makes strong bones!" Which makes them fight even harder, or as they say. "Spook"
Oh fuck, oh fuck man, oh god no! I just came back from the bone zone and all the spoopy skeletons were out to get me. I almost got spooped so hard I could've died!
by Smegma Chicken January 13, 2016
When one person (the little spoon) defecates into the lap of another (the big spoon) while engaging in the act of spooning.
Big Pete immediately vomited after some fat chick spooped in his lap.
by Robert E June 12, 2008
when one spanks the monkeywhile simultaneously sinking a battleship. see pulp fiction before the guy misses all six shots
is he shitting?
i think hes beating off.
maybe its both?
by hewhospoopsnot June 28, 2006
a combination of the words "speed" and "poop," together meaning a quick poop.
Thank god it was a spoop, or else I would have been late to the meeting.
by Worksworth March 16, 2011
When acid shoots out of your abdomen. This disease is uncontrollable and has hit over 659 trillion Americans (only) and hasn't even hit Europe yet.
"Yo john has the spoops.. Stay away..."

(John) *acid shoots everywhere. Everyone dies. And John*
by Dr. Ãmbah, Tmac November 29, 2013
the mixture of sperm and poop left as evidence of some butt humping
Josh: Is that spoop on your chest?
Kevin: I must have missed some in my attempts to gurgle!
by shell hunter March 06, 2013
To spew feces all over someone.
Spoop: To spew feces onto someone else.
Person 1: I hate Morning Wood
Person 2: So punch it and make it go away
Person 1: I am NOT punching my dick!
Person 2: Then I'll do it for you.
Person 1: If you punched me in the dick I would fist your asshole.
Person 2: No you wouldn't, because then I would end up spooping all over you like last time.
by lydddd. July 20, 2008
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