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a.) the IDIOT who has a habit of leaving a spoon and/or concave utensils directly under the faucet in a sink so that water splashes on you when you turn it on

b.) someone who constantly tells jokes that he/she thinks are funny, but they aren't. Nope, instead their words are like trying to feed a baby with an empty spoon. Thats deep. I know.
Tim: "You DID IT AGAIN!!!!
Travis: "Did what?"
Tim: "You left the ice-cream scoop right under the faucet again!!"
Travis: "So...."
Tim: "I got water all over my shirt and the floor
you spoon-trap bastard!"

Tatianna: "Ugggggh Travis' stupid jokes are so awk when he's around all my friends"
Tim: "(mutters under breath) lil spoon-trap bastard"
by Dudewiththescoop April 21, 2010