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more than two people laying in a bed together, all facing the same direction. and usually fondling something on another person. yeah.
choot-choo yo yo get up on the spoon train, I know yall be tired
by neu January 26, 2004

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This is 3 or more people spooning in the same direction to either preserve heat or reduce the space taken up in a cramped area. It is a manoeuvre most often performed by teens.
eg- "its a 3 man tent and theres 5 of us... time to spoon train"

other areas: dorm room, tree house, single bed, small room, youth hostel etc
by nickskate August 11, 2010
Affectionate cuddling where someone lays behind another person, usually with both people being in a fetal-type position and arms wrapped into the chest. A spoon train is a line of more then two people spooning.
boy: "I was so drunk last night i formed a spoontrain with five other guys"
by brooklynwegohard October 05, 2009