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The act of covertly excusing yourself from a gathering, typically for a family celebration of some sort, where others try to use you as a free babysitter because "you don't have anything going on" or someone asks you to do something at work that's not in your job description.

Usual suspects are that one cousin who's a cheep skate and has notoriously bad behaving children, or the well meaning mother that talked another family member into "getting you used to kids" in hopes of having more grandchildren.

That one lazy co-worker who preys on the kindness of others to get their work done for them. You know who you are.
"John, can you watch Sarah and Tom for a few hours while Jennifer and I go out to dinner?"

"Let me get back to you on that."

*spook move out the back door 10 minutes later*

Later phone call from John, "Hey I missed you leaving, so what do you say?"

"I just got *insert excuse*, sorry."
by GriZag December 03, 2013
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