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One whose hands are always sticky from "spanking the monkey".
I went over to pick JB up for golf and that "spooge monkey" was at it again. or JB is such a "spooge monkey" no wonder he has such a monster slice.
by gmonk March 12, 2003

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n. A dorky person; someone as welcome to have as monkey jizz
Sipowicz grabbed the skell, smacked him around, and yelled, "You little spoogemonkey!"
by Holden McCrank March 14, 2003
A person who secretly tries to watch other men jerking off.
I was tossing one off the other night and I happened to look up and Gerry was being a spooge monkey in my window. Gerry likes to go to the gym and spooge monkey around the locker room.
by JB March 12, 2003