sponking .to Sponk ......the art of hitting someone across their face with your erect penis until you ejaculate
I was Sponking him so hard i came without touching
by salfordave February 03, 2013
Top Definition
verb form of the noun "spunk,"
i.e. "to ejaculate"
"spit on her back, and when she turns around you sponk right in her face"
by Spunk Monkey November 09, 2003
A cross or combination of spooningand bonking
She only wanted to spoon, but we ended up sponking
by Smurphin November 09, 2011
an exclemation emited by a peice of shoddy machinery when it has just broken
*SPONK* uh oh....that didnt sound good
by sonic death September 03, 2003
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