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The act of getting head from an old seedy woman with no teeth, who has bags of skin hanging of her face and other parts
"Rob was so desperate he went to his Grandma and got him self a sponge job, dirty fucker"
by Master Apps December 04, 2004
a dream of spongebob giving you a blowjob; a blowjob in which you vision the person blowing you as spongebob
I had an awesome spongejob last night.

I can't talk now, im getting a spongejob.
by rosie3293 January 28, 2009
A sexual reference as to what Spongebob and Patrick do together.
Spongebob: Hey Patrick. I'm Ready, I'm Ready!
Patrick: Good! I <3 spongejobs!
by Trong eh Dore March 15, 2010
Verb- oral sex from a sponge.
Bob-"Last night i totally got a spongejob!"
Tom-"I've always loved you."
Bob-"Lets do it."
(love making noises)
by freshfishbowl March 28, 2009
a sponge job is getting head from an old person that has no teeth and saggy skin
amr was gay and desprate so he got a sponge job from his grandpa
by anarchy rules June 27, 2006
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