Top Definition
A stalker
I swear there was a spohn behind me when i was walking home.
by REAL January 08, 2004
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A device used to lure gay men into traffic.
after following the spohn he was struck by a cement truck and was deemed guilty of a traffic violation, he took it up the ass in prison for 4 months for the offense.
by Real March 01, 2006
An extreme itch with no comparison.
I had such a bad spohn I almost tore my sack off.
by REAL January 08, 2004
The action of substituting leaves for toilet paper.
I spohned in order to get out of there quick.
by REAL January 08, 2004
To engage in secual intercourse with one of the same sex.
I tell ya.... he fukkin spohned him.
by REAL January 08, 2004

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