Def: Cool, Sweet, Awesome, Good, Righteous, Rad

Pronounciation: Spoad, to rhyme with toad, road - with a long drawn-out vowel sound, the cooler the longer.

Usually preceded by a qualifying adjective such as 'totally'.

1- Winston: 'Dude, you really nailed the headmaster with that snowball! That was totally spode!'
Desmond: 'I concur, it was spodacious.'

2- Desmond: 'Have you seen the new Tom Cruise movie? Didn't you think it was spode?'
Winston: 'No. It was shit.'
by Tom PL Fox February 12, 2009
A motorcyclist with few skills.
A poser.
See Squid
Look at that spode, he can't even start his own bike.
by KTMNealio December 11, 2003
N. A term used in the dirtbike scene when describing someone who obviously isn't very good. They are usually on a crappy stock bike with no aftermarket parts, wearing unmatched ghetto gear, sitting down most of the time (injuries are exceptions as long as yoo look the part), elbows are down instead of out, and various other ridiculous things that should never be seen on a dirtbike track.
Jenn: "OMG I have a great story about this spode that Soule told me..."

Sam: "Well...?"

Jenn: "So there was this guy riding a KDX at the MX finals in Marysville and he was wearing rubber boots and stuff. And he does this weird bar turn every time he jumps and he almost eats shit. And he went over this double completely rear-end high and nosed in and cartwheeled. And he did the same thing every lap."

Sam: "Dude, he sounds like a total spode."

Jenn: "He was. Let's go roast a nug now."
by Jenn Briggs September 19, 2006
Arizona dirtbiker, usually rides a white CR500AF. Often brutalizes out-of-towner's who are unfamiliar with desert terrain. Can sometimes be seen wearing colorful clothing.
I get real bad armpump when I ride with that spode!
by nondezspode November 19, 2003
Is the greatest word ever. IT can have several meanings. Like a mini christmas tree. a plate, a bowl and it is a funny ass word!!! you will get addictied to this word for ever. Plus its can have any meaning. So use it!!!1
You are such a spode.
by Crueltyx94 April 15, 2009
v. spOde. Past tense of speeding. Inflected form of speed. Synonym of sped. Used to indicate previous velocity of subject.

Other forms: spoding, spodation, spoder (n).
Hey dude, did you see how fast that fabio spode down the alleyway? He almost hit that trick on the corner!

by E Grady October 13, 2006
talon bronk.

this kid thinks he the worlds fastest kid and yet he is very slow and has the ugliest riding style i have ever see.

he is the worlds largest spode
by jake358 August 06, 2007

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