Spock Five is the new and improved High Five, as well as the most awesome way of greeting friends and strangers. Established in 2007 it has been greatly spread across the UK. To perform this method of greeting you must do the Spock hand sign and high five, as soon as that stage is complete, the gap between your middle finder and ring finger must be pushed against the person doing the same thing opposite to you ( BUT YOU MUST BE CARFUL OF THE WEBBING).
Hey Dude!! (Spock Five!)
by Spocky5dude February 08, 2012
Top Definition
noun. A high five using Star Trek "Vulcan Salute" between two awesome people.
Person 1: Wow did you see those two, they just spock fived

Person 2: Gosh they are cool i wish i could be them!
by cnbear99 October 08, 2009
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