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When a womens cleavage spills over the top of her shirt. Boob spillage.
Corsets makes some serious sploob.
by KGar1984 September 04, 2009
To smoke weed, usually a blunt

Originated in Dedham, MA circa 2003
You wanna sploob after work?
by Harkadiddy February 02, 2005
The act of reaching out of your drug endused bubble that you concentrated so hard on to make it float.
She's sploobing her little heart out!
by HannahSueCarroll February 18, 2011
A spoon stuck in someone's boob
Ow my sploob!
by dollerbill April 09, 2004
A Sploob is an incompetent person, or a person who cocks up on a regular basis.
Dave and rusty are sploobs because they are continuously falling off their bikes, like sploobs.
by Ricky Boy July 27, 2006