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to sneak up either behind or above someone and attack them causing an instant death.
OH! You just got splinter cell'd!
by Kharano March 31, 2005
The art of excusing ones self from intense sexual intercourse in lue of the need to urinate thus exiting the slightly dimmed area and imitating the traits of a well trained assassin by stealthly shadow stepping your way back in leaving the victim clueless and sniping a semen streamed shot onto the most exposed and vulnerable side of the face giving you enough time to exit the premise before the guards are alerted. Extra points for the ears.
Ivan - "Jeremy, I'm sorry man. I had to splinter cell'd your mom last night in order to make a quick escape."

Jeremy - "It's all good, as long as your safe broseafus."

Ben - "Well I'm glad to see someone made it out :\..."
by Rolemodel05 October 06, 2010

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