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A term more accurate than love, as necessitated by Joel Chmara.
Now that I have fallen in love with you, it is necessary for me to create a word that means more than love in such a way I can accurately express myself. I have come up with spleet.
by SwillyPut July 06, 2005
Spleet coming from the word "Sweet" but the more "leet" version of it.
Damn, this flash animation is flipping spleet!
by Derek of llamalords.com March 07, 2005
The collective insect carnage on your windshield and/or front fender normally resulting from extended drive times through rural areas.
I can hardly see the road through the spleet on my windshield!
by vth May 01, 2008
when the tampon is full, and excess resadue leaks from the vagina.
I think I just spleeted, so i need to go change my tampon!
by Loubolts August 31, 2008
Verb, meaning to more than love... it's when you don't want to say love, but you really care for that person
I will spleet you forever.
by Angel April 12, 2005