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A visual gimmick used in film and on stage where a person is surprised or taken aback by another's actions or words while drinking, and spits or sputters that liquid.
"He did a spit take when she told him she was pregnant."
by Craig 119281 November 08, 2005
A reaction upon hearing/seeing something humorous/suprising, where a person eating or drinking spits out their food or beverage. The term derives from a mix Spit-Take and bukkake. "Spittake" is pronounced "Spi-ta-kay".
After seeing a particularly funny post, Blivy spittaked Coca-Cola all over her computer screen.
by Sikona September 05, 2005
1) An action a person who laughs when drinking does. Rather than choking, they spit the liquid out in a plume.
2) An action. A Person who spits a loogie and lets it hang...before sucking it back in.
3) A street-fighting technique.
4) A troll who spits out a provocative/annoying post and then takes it back as a joke.
1) Drew Carey had a spit-take
2) "Man, you see that? He spit-taked a 3 foot loogie!"
3) To spit in someones eye as a diversionary tactic.
4) "U Suxxior!!!1!" and then after being a victim of a flame post, says "It was a joke!"
by Berrik November 19, 2003
The state of being so aroused that one attempts to masturbate using only their spit as lubricant. This is often a joking term and rarely involves actually masturbating.
The common representation of a spit take would involve yelling your crushes name then pretending to spit in your own hand.
by Mangratebuy1 January 24, 2012
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