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A type of hubcap wheel cover that only poor Mexicans and/or Negroes buy, to put on their 1987 Ford Escort, or on their 1985 Buick Oldsmobile. It is so ghetto, that only Wal-Mart sells, because only they would supply that piece of shit.
Example 1:
Chicano: Ay holmes, look at my new spinners holmes!
Thug: Spic, them ain't no spinnaz mayn, them some cheap-ass Wal-Mart spinner hubcaps.
Chicano: Ay, fuck you piche mayate.

Example 2:
Chicano: Ay holmes, I heard Manuel got some new spinners holmes.
Chicano 2: Piche cabron uay, he can't afford that shit piche mayate!
Chicano 3: They Wal-Mart spinner hubcaps holmes.
by Anonymouz September 25, 2006
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