the pretty shiny things that spinn on your tires. they make your car look all badass and gangsta. damn it feels good to be a gangsta!
-dawg wered you get them spinnas? they tight!
-dawg i dont even KNOW!
by carl carlson June 19, 2004
Top Definition
A type of hub cap that can spin independantly of the wheel, so that they spin when the car slows or stops.
"Ah, damn! We be ridin' spinnas!"
by 3-6 Mafia July 31, 2003
A hairstyle worn by some black males. Spinnas are characterized by the appearance of concentric circles emanating from the crown of one's head to the temples. One who has spinnas has waves on all sides of their hair.
Brandon took off his durag and his waves was off the hook;'Ol boy has definately got some spinnas !
by Chambatoka December 02, 2006
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