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1. A word used to describe a cool group of people - a group of people so cool, the word cool doesn't even being to describe them.

2. A funky fish.
1. "Man, I wish I could join that spiffwai, but alas, I'm not cool enough" TK said.

2. Buddy slapped TK with his spiffwai for correcting his grammar one too-many times.
by Buddy September 05, 2004

Someone who likes to set things on fire.
syn. pyro, pyromaniac, arsonist, firebug,
"The spiffwai set her hair on fire"
by *shifty eyes* September 05, 2004
Originated in the ancient civilizations of Madagascar, Spiffwai is the collective term of a group of individuals bent on New World Order consisting of the members as supreme rulers.
Spiffwai will someday take over the earth.

Resistance of Spiffwai is futile.
by Lugia September 26, 2004
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