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Bespectacled hotness.
Speccy + Sexy = Spexy
You're looking mighty spexy today Dan
by Han March 08, 2005
a person who wears glasses (spectacles) and is sexy
That nerd is so spexy
by Yura November 10, 2006
someone that is beond sexy
guy 1- "dude she is so hot"

guy2-"you mean the one next to the fugly chick with the massive eyebrows"


guy 2-"yeah shes so spexy"
by charlie,billy October 12, 2010
A person that looks sexy in specs

(Can also be spelt Specsy)
I'm jealous. He's well spexy!
by TheGirlWhoIsAlwaysLaughing March 24, 2012
1) An irresistibly pointy-eared, wacked out eyebrow man with gorgeous black hair who has little to know emotion. Except for his mother and whore.

2) A hot guy, but failure in intimate situations.
"Hey, Tiara, how's Dillon lately?"

Tiara: "He's spexy, so you know, not going to get far there."

Example 2: "Tommy, you're so spexy, you're never going to get to base 2 with that guy. Show a little more emotion..."

example 3
"did you see that new star trek movie?
"yes spock was spexy!"
by definitionqueen101 May 14, 2009
A sexy person who wears sexy (or not sexy) glasses.
He/she is so spexy.

Those glasses make him/her look spexy.
by Sexy♥chica August 06, 2009
The two words that are combined: Special and sexy.
A friend catching a friend doing something embarassing... "Dude, that was so spexy."
by Arielle-Maree October 04, 2008