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An extremely funny theatre/musical performed by university students. Stories often relate to history and include jokes of other student organizations, celebrities, political figures etc. Frequently features crossdressing (due to lack of males/females contributing to the spex). The spex music is always provided by a live orchestra, all musicians are also students. The spex-tradition originates in Sweden, the first spex was performed in the year 1851 in Uppsala, Sweden. The oldest spex-tradition in Finland is carried out by Medicinarklubben Thorax (medical students at the university of Helsinki) who performed the first spex in 1952.
The thorax-spex was amazing yesterday!
by Robbi & Molly March 23, 2006
another name for extremely rad glasses.
emo kids call their glasses spex more than anyone else.
Damn, that bitch stepped on my spex!
by Hot Damn! May 29, 2005
sex from a spooning position
Their innocent spooning soon led to spex when Josh took off his pants.
by Amanda Green August 22, 2008
damn sexy
you look so spexy
by monkey July 18, 2003
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