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when you corpus interruptus aka "pull out and bust a nut" in a belly button. sperm makes it ozzy and your belly button is the jacuzzi, when combined=spermuzzi.

women are the common victims of spermuzzis and probably will experience many to avoid pregnancy if not on the pill.
I'm not trying to get caught up with that bitch! so of course i pulled out and glazed her with a spermuzzi!

what was i suppose to do?! i was already about to bust and she pulled her mouth away! of course i was going to lay into her and give her a spermuzzi!

Dude i was about to blow like mount vesuvius so i spermuzzied her belly button like the people of pompeii!

I busted so bad her belly button was the epicenter and my spermuzzi was hurricane katrina.
by joeydlgd May 19, 2011

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