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Often a girl or woman that loves sucking and fucking men on a regular basis. Sometimes a homosexual male can also be refered as this.
Man, my ex-girlfriend is a total sperm sponge now.
by tayb October 17, 2005
20 14
a slut who lets every guy cum in her, or she swallows every cum shot, and never says no.
Ann won't make a good girlfriend because she is a spermsponge, and everyone knows it!
by chino cochino August 29, 2006
7 5
A woman who seems to have a tendancy to soak up semen from all directions with no obvious limitation.
stop pestering, ive shagged you 15 times already and its nearly time for breakfast.. Go make me a full english you fucking sperm sponge..
by biggus_johnson September 18, 2008
9 12