a game where a guy drives to a girls house, attempts to get a blow job or better while his friends smoke a bowl and when the bowl is finished the boy has to come out.
we had a tournament for Speed runs so we drove to kate's and James went into her house and got a blow job while we got high then he came out and we raced away to the next chicks house.
by joanieloveschachie March 10, 2012
Top Definition
(n) a video demonstrating a player's extraordinary skills in a certain game, usually done in a length of time otherwise impossible for average players. fun to watch if you can't beat a game.
you could try to beat the game, or you could watch someone else do it in a much shorter time than any of our lazy asses would've
by esomi November 28, 2004
In video games. Sometimes Tool Assisted. When a player completes the game as fast as possible, disreguarding the enviornment, difficulty and minor enemies.
He completed a Speed Run of Resident Evil in 1:23!
by VidCom Ind. July 11, 2009
To drive excessively fast around town and acheive your top speed on a road.
I was doin a speed run in my SPG the other night and hit 130 on rt 3a, the po po's almost got me.
by SKC January 02, 2005
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