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When one's ability to rationally determine someone's attractiveness is altered by his or her prowess at running (how fast they are). The speed goggles phenomena results in a direct correlation between fast track times (speed) and sexual attractiveness, and has been linked with many skinny, pasty young boys getting laid.

The term is derived from "beer goggles", where the attractiveness altering agent is athletic ability, not alcohol.
Guy #1: Dude... why is Jane so obsessed with that guy who won OFSAA? He has chicken legs and wears flappy short shorts. Not even good-looking!

Guy #2: Must be speed goggles...

Guy #1: My God! I'd better start working on that 4 min mile...
by speedgoggles April 18, 2010
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When you're opinion of a member of the opposite sex changes based on how fast he/she is. Very common among top cross-country runners, track athletes, swimmers, etc. Although throwers and jumpers are not basing on speed, but rather throwing or jumping ability, the term "speed goggles" is still applied.
Guy 1- "Man that girl is fine."
Guy 2- "She's decent but you're rockin your speed goggles a little too much"
by Cybulski FTW April 19, 2006
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Where a man or woman spends far too much time on dodgy swinging web sites after taking large amounts of speed. You'll know when the Speed Goggles kick in as you will start to find mingers really quite doable.
"Wow she's cute"

"No mate, that's your speed goggles kicking, stop letching and snort this"
by draventwo April 12, 2009
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