the act of repeatedly bangin your ball bag off of a girls chin while recieving head.
Tracy's chin was sore after i was done speed baggin her.
by speed bagger March 25, 2007
Top Definition
Working the clit from both sides simultaneously as if you were working a speed bag. 1,2,3, one, 1,2,3, two, 1,2,3, three....
Bones: Did you hear I went out with Jules last weekend?
Fav: Hell no ! Lucky you ! Did you do any clam stabbin' ?
Bones: Didn't I tell you I've got the wounded Marlin ?
Fav: Shit, no. D'ya get anything ?
Bones: Just did a little speed baggin'. I'll be back to my old self next week.
Fav: You'll bounce back kid ! Right'o !
by Fav February 15, 2008
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