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A variation of beer pong. Two teams of 3 play with 3x6 = 18 cups in front of them. Each player has a 6 cup triangle in front of them. A team lines up in a row along one side of the table, the other team on the opposite side. Continuous throwing of pong balls until cups are made. Usually each player starts with a pong ball (6 balls total). If a cup in one player's triangle of 6 is made, he/she cannot shoot until he/she drinks that cup. If 2 are made, cannot shoot until both are drank, and so on. It is a battle for loose balls/missed shots. No team is gaurunteed a shot after a missed shot from the other team, unlike normal BP. Bouncing shots are treated as 1 cup.

Fast paced game that kills the keg!
Let's play some speed pong!
by anonymous234 December 11, 2006
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