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A spec nade takes place when a gamer throws a grenade at an "ally" then switched to the opposing team. The grenade's game attributes also switch, so it ends up killing the other gamer.

This happens a lot in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare because it is not detected as a cheat by PunkBuster, but Admins will typically ban you if they notice. Also, other time-delayed weapons can be used such as claymores.
darkmatter0: *throws grenade at kings22*
darkmatter0: *switches from SAS to Spetznaz*
*kings22 killed by darkmatter0's grenade*
kings22: dude, u rnt even around me. wtf! you threw a spec nade didn't you. n00b

robby_boy: *plants Claymore*
robby_boy: *switches from Marines to OpFor and spectates*
*godzilla killed by robby_boy's claymore*
by [NovaLAN] NiCK October 21, 2009
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