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A person, presumably peaking on an intoxicant -- namely ecstasy -- who is so consumed with the pulse of techno, and its throbbing consistent bassline, that he or she stands as close to the speaker on a dance floor as possible.

Amusingly, speaker freakers often stick their sweaty, bopping heads inside a larger speaker's compartments and holes so the vibration of the music encompasses and massages their bodies. Occasionally, petite partiers manage to crawl inside the crevices of the speakers, assume fetal positions, and let the bass rock them into trances.

More physically active and alert speaker freakers are found next to the speakers with raised arms, as if to worship these tall black obelisks as inanimate gods of technology.
While taking a break to sip bottled water and catch our breath, our eyes darted from the DJs at the front to the speaker freakers across the dance floor. One of the guys pumped his fists in the air to the beat, while his friend -- rolling hard -- put his hands on his bald head, then reached out and fondled the mesh of the speakers.
by Cheri Lucas February 03, 2008
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