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Call of Duty: World at War has the worst spawning system ever in the history of online team deathmatch. Coming back to life in with your back turned to a guy pointing a his gun right at ur head... Killing an enemy just to have him or one of his/her teammates respawn in less than 2 seconds right behind you, leaving you completely defenseless. Also a paradise for the spinless fucking campers.
Me: "Motherfucker!!!"
Buddy: "what happened?"
Me: " I just respawned in a corner and as soon I walked away they respawned the enemy in the same fuckin corner right behind and the asshole noob-tubed me".
Buddy: "Yeah ive been getting spawnshitted all game too".
Me: "Dude, fuck this game. Im playing something else before I throw my xbox out the window".
by Trihard2 December 03, 2008

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