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A scale to rate atractiveness. The scale ranges from 0 - 21, but mostly stops around 10, however, the top of the scale is usually referred to as "Pass out". Lower scores mean more atractiveness. The name spaten comes from a german bottled beer. It originates from figuring out how many spatens it will take to find another person attractive enough to get it on with.
drunk person 1)Hey, that 7 spaten bitch is eyeing you.

drunk person 2)Fuck you asshole! I'd have to pass out first before I'd go near that funky vag.

totally trashed drunk)WTF man, I'll do her!

drunk person 1)that twisted mother fucker just reached pass out on the spaten scale.

drunk person 2)Ya, best but the prick another spaten so he wont regret this in the morning.
#spaten #beer #hot chicks #ugly chicks #drunk #funky vag #vag #funky
by janitorforfree April 11, 2008
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