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Spastik dust aka ketamin ( regretamine) horse tranq, its a party drug that leads too mass k-holes all over the gaff!! Its a naughty drug which is meant for horses to take after they've won the grand national at the grand national after party.
Dupree; u fancy gettin on da spastik dust 2nite fam?
Uncle fester; yea tree, I'm rackin a line of da coconut smellin shizzle now
Dupree; yea g do dat 4 a man
Uncle fester; jheeeeeeeeeez man's supp pin dat hooole
Dupree; is it good k family tree
Uncle fester; yea dis niggaz k-ing in ma hole
#spastik dust #ketamin #regretamine #k-hole #naughty drug
by special kaaaaay August 10, 2010
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