Verb: To kick a person in similar fashion to the kick done by King Leonidus in 300.

How to do it: This is achieved by having a reasonable distance between you and the target, enough for you to successfully plant your foot on the targets' chest. It is best to do this in rebuttal to a persons statement, while screaming your point at them.
Dirty Crimo bitch: Man, Bullet for My Valentine is so angy! You need to chill out, listen to some All Time Low, it sooo hot.

Me: All Time Low? THAT'S! FOR! FAGGOTS! and then you Sparta Kick them. Preferably into a hole.
by Mr. Slowbear August 26, 2010
To sparta kick is to like drop kick someone, or you can like kick really hard into their butt or back. When you kick you yell out "FOR SPARTA". It came from the movie "300" when King Leonidas kicked the messager guy into the hole. For about a day it was known as "Yar Kick" to add epicness.
Denay: *putting stuff away in locker talking la la la la*
Andee: *lifts up leg and yells out*For Sparta! *kicks Denay*
Denay: &%$%^$*&(*^


Anna: oh my gawd i am going to sparta kick denay after lunch she got my ass like 5 times today
Angel: hahahah okay what ever anna
by annuhgator November 24, 2007
A type of kick based off the movie 300. when someone comes up from you behind and kicks you in the ass hard, screaming


generally painful, but fun to do.
girl- man james just sparta kicked me
boy- hows your ass?
by k1ssmeelectric November 19, 2007

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