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n. Pornography, specifically magazines or DVDs/video tapes. Used by Greg on an episode of "C.S.I."
I found someone's stash of spankables.
by SkidMarkyMark May 05, 2006
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A female whose physical features (ie. bottom, hips, thighs, breasts, etc) or demeanor (bratty, rude, bitchy, slutty, etc) incites the urge to take her over your knee, under your arm, bend her over, or position her otherwise, and spank her long and hard.
1. Did you see her ass? That broad is totally spankable.
2. Damn, that bitch needs an attitude adjustment. Extremely spankable.
by Deucebeast January 15, 2006
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adj. Someone who incites masturbation.
Man 1: My goodness, that is quite a fetching young lady!
Man 2: Yup... Spank-a-ble!
by Bad2DaBone August 26, 2003
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