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is a dirty greasy trailer trash chick, who can also be know as the pamshow or stackemstds ... she often is seen without clothes on and well at a strip club will try and out strip the striper. the anthem for spamula cr is" nasty girl" by destiny's child. national color is green like the drippings from her vag. she will sleep with anyone who has smokes and weed coke uppers ect........ but after she is done it will be hard to get rid of her, spamula will stalk her victims until they are trapped by one of those" ah i am prago " scams. she is also know for strange and mysterious miscarriages, oh and std's. on a good day spamula will be the trashy girl drunk and high trying to find her next victim watch out men there could be a spamula in ur town....
slut , dirty , Campbell river , stalker , spamula cr
by blazing420 December 28, 2009

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