Something that could be deemed a bit crap or spazzy, but is also wierdly good or funny.
"You mucked up that dance move, yet is was also very funny. It was spactacular."

"The way that hat is perched on your head is spactacular."
by Hannagh March 16, 2006
Top Definition
1) A term used to define the actions of an individual who seems to be doing something profoundly retarded.
2) An exclamation usually said sarcastically used to display one's lack of enthusiasm for something.
1) 'ooooooo spactacular!'
2) 'wat a spactacular idea'
3) 'u no that's a bit spactacular?'
by PopeG Vth November 18, 2004
1. Something is totally awesome and cool at the same time, a feat never before achieved up until the new modern age.

2. Showing you are a geek/loser/freak.
#1: "I'll trade 3 pigs for your son"
#2: "Make it 4 and you've got a deal"
#1 and #1 shake hands
#3: "That's SPACtacular!"
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