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another name for a disabled persons parking permit ie: spackbadge, owned by a spack, which permits them to park wherever the fuck they want, but the spack wud be betta off parking it on a cliff edge and gettin a push(if the owner is a retard)
derek:oy, uve left ur spackbadge in my car!!! fukin or8 this, park where i fukin want!
owner of spackbadge ie the spack:wen ur bak down my way, i want it bak!
derek:fuck off ya spack
by jono January 06, 2004
a disabled persons parking permit:most usually a retard of some sort. allows the spack to park wherever the fuck they want. shud be made illegal.
i got thrown out of that spot cos this retard was flashin his spack badge!!!
by spack January 06, 2004