The act of becoming a teacher, picking up minors, buying them alcohol, bringing them to a hotel, and than procede to have sex with them in the shower.
Ms.Spack picked up minors and spack attacked them
by Rewy2 April 03, 2008
Top Definition
1) Momentary outbusrt of stupidity

2)A synonym of Spacker

3)A physical fit eg Panic attack, Shaking
1) Is the black market legal? SPACK ATTACK

2)You love the cock you stupid spack attack

3)she seemes fine until her shaking, was a proper spack attack

by loz January 05, 2004
derived from spastic originally then spacker then spackattack its when someone has a spasticated attack like a epileptic fit only there not epileptic when someone decides they are going to act really really wierd and dance in funny ways or say stupid things they are having a spackattack
stop having a spackattack in my room do it outside
by boonking July 05, 2011
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