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A condition of being spaced out.
Guy: what are the quotas set at this month?
Spacey: oh yeah, quotas, i remembered on the 7th but then i forgot.
by J. Durant August 29, 2006
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To think,dress,act,perform; better than the average human being potential. Also referred to as "being off earth with it"
Girl: Those are some spacey sneakers, I never seen anything like those.

Spacey: Thank you, and yes you never seen these because I have my own style, I like to be different.
by Posta June 06, 2011
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Being busy doing something, thus causing long pauses between texts when having a conversation
I'm going to my friends house, so I'm going to be spacey for a little while
by XC_Beast3187 February 18, 2017
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