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Taking a severly large dump with it ending up all over the place due to laxatives, meals exmpl: walls, floors, ceilings
"Nicole's cooking has been known to cause: blunt force head trauma, epilepsy, and severe spaceshits"
by Tyler Selesky May 20, 2008
badass spaceship, a.k.a. pure fucking awesomeness. so awesome that it is like taking a shit from outer space. use to describe anything that is beyond rad.
party like it is 2010 spaceshit!

that's totally spaceshit, man!

holycrap did you see that spaceshit?

i love you, you are the spaceshit.
by JJBEEBOO August 24, 2009
A word used to describe movies taking place in space or on alien planets and galaxies. Films that contain spaceships/space-travel, aliens civilizations , space colonization, space stations etc.

Usually used on the high budget, mass appeal, blockbuster type of films, but can also be used on smaler spaceshit films like, «Moon (2009)».
So Disney is making like 5 Star Wars films now and we are also getting a trilogy of Avatar films. That's a lot of spaceshit for the next year.
by Anon333 September 23, 2015
Anything and everything cool and totally awesome about space.
Black holes are space shit
by Victor_Bravo October 26, 2015

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