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n. Crack cocaine dusted with phencyclidine. Appeared for several moments in Chicago the 1980s. Evidently its effects are so disturbing that neither hardcore dusters nor crackheads will do it twice.
User A: Let's do this spacebase I got.

User B: Later for that. I'd rather eat broken glass.
by Witness10mm October 01, 2005
crack (freebase cocaine) and PCP (angeldust). mixed together and smoked usually in a blunt
yo you want come drop space base with us
by evoh May 15, 2004
smoking crack rocks dipped in PCP
George W. Bush: How much for the spacebase tito?
Tito: 40 a rock you stupid pathetic excuse for a president
by nigger_hater April 29, 2003
;Crack (freebase cocaine) and PCP (angeldust) mixed together, and usually smoked in a blunt.
Yo, you wanna come drop spacebase with us?
by Yongstep November 13, 2009