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Strap On When It Seems Approprite, slang term from Stephen King's latest novel, Lisey's Story. It means to "take charge" of a situation.
Gerd Allen Cole was aiming the gun at Scott's chest, that's when I realized I was holding a shovel and sowisa'd myself enough to smack the bastard in the head.
by Variable Rush August 28, 2007
("so-wee-sah") acroynm for the term "Strap On When It Seems Appropriate", a term used by the character Lisey in the Stephen King story "Lisey's Story".
To ready one's self for potential conflict; to gird one's loins.
With the whispered code-word 'SOWISA' in Bobby's ear, he readied himself for the coming fight at the bar.
by Daisy OMalley May 26, 2009
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