a school where kids who really fuck up at kent go to try and turn their lives around
bill got kicked out of kent, but don't worry, his acceptance to south kent is already in the mail
by scotty3 April 13, 2005
Top Definition
a distinguished school that only admitts the brightest minds and promising athletes. A school that often recives criticism from students who either lack intelligence or athletic ability....and most of the time ..both. When attending south kent, students learn to embrace one another's diverse backrounds and the school's second-to-none curriculum. They couldn't be more different than the tools from kent who go away to school to re-invent themselves claiming to be the "coolest" kids from their respective home towns when in fact...they were always the last kids to be picked for the kickball team in the schoolyard and ALWAYS the last ones to lose their virginities....most who havent yet
South kent school is the best. sorry kent, you should have worked harder.
by john grisham December 06, 2006
a school that is so good it can turn kent idiots into good kids
My brother failed school and got kicked out of Kent, so South Kent took him in out of the kindness in their hearts, and now he goes to Princeton.
by emily April 24, 2005
1. An awesome prep school, much better than Kent School, which is a really sucky prep school full of crack-heads.

2. Also much better at hockey than Kent School.
1. No example needed, we rock, Kent sucks!

2. The last several years our teams have played each other.
by Voyager I February 24, 2005
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