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(v) when a man cannot get an erection, but proceeds with the act of coitis anyways

etymology - the limp penis is mashed against the vagina resulting in a poor (or sour) sexual experience; the term also alludes to whiskey dick, as sour mash is the name for a process in the distilling industry that uses material from an older batch of mash to start fermentation in the batch currently being made
After consuming a fifth of Jack Daniels, and suffering from whiskey dick, Larry sour mashed Lindsay anyways.
by Lucius Bertolli November 05, 2009
When your nut sack produces a film from all the sweat on a hot summer day.
when you reply to a diss
why don't you lick on this sourmash!!!
by roots2099 April 02, 2009
When the semen used from a previous jerk session is used as the lube for following session. Derived from the definition used in the whiskey making process.
So I wanted to rub it again after I was finished but I ran out of lube. Had to use a sour mash.
by miguel123 January 05, 2014
sour mash is another term for jack daniels
wants some more sour mash
by femur March 03, 2005