1) enticingly large breasts that double as a delicious, wholesome snack 2) a woman with a gloriously curvaceous body
Kelly: "Woah, Katie, you could feed an army of babies with that soup-soup."


Dan: "Man, I'm so glad Jenna's got curves, because boobless bitches don't do a damn thing for me compared to her soup-soup."
by mistyphantasm February 25, 2010
Top Definition
1.) A woman whose breasts resemble plastic bags filled with soup.

2.) A woman with disgustingly large, unappealing breasts.
Frank: "That fat gypsy is checking you out!"

Fred: "Fuck, i wouldn't touch that SOUP-SOUP."


Bert: " Nothing gets me off like soup-soup."

Ernie: "Dude you got a problem."
by ChancelloroftheArts February 17, 2010
(noun)It is slang for alchohol
You got that soup soup.
by T tizzle December 25, 2005
a verbal term used to advertise the fact that you have crack cocain for sale.
as obama strolled down the block with dick in hand he uttered under his breath "soup soup" to passing crack heads, thus advertising his wares
by emonster August 31, 2008
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