Top Definition
an atmosphere or enviroment created with sound
Sigur Ros' music puts a soundscape in my mind
by John Constantine May 04, 2006
A type of music that is often instrumental and "illustrates" shapes and colors within the mind. Somewhat similar to psychedelic rock.
Bob listens to soundscape music when he needs ideas for art class.
by xelandria. May 13, 2006
Really, really pathetic Music Choice channel that anxious and depressed people as well as insomniacs listen too.
Weird Guy1: Hey... I was watching Soundscapes last night at 4 am. I totaly loooove that channel.
Weird Guy2: Yeah. They play "Gandalf" a lot. It's niiiiiiice.
Weird Guy1: Yeahhh.
by pshhvertigoYA July 23, 2006
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