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That feeling you get when you see, experience, read or hear something that causes you to die a little inside and/or lose more of what little innocense you have left.

Some people accuse others of soul rape when said others disagree with something they're produced. The idea being that they're expressing a part of themsevles and in saying that part of wrong, the others are harming them on a deep inner spirtual type of level.
I suffered a serious case of soul rape when I accidently stumbled upon porn of classic 80's cartoons.
by Guest August 26, 2005
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The act of forcing someone to be witness to an event that causes their soul to rot and go into a downward spiral of depression and suicidal thoughts. For instance, if one were forced to watch an eighty year old couple make out, or look on as an evil parent punishes their kid by sticking him in a corner and throwing his puppy at him repeatedly to see which one loses consciousness first, or listen to an oboe, these things could be considered soul rape.
1. I just listened to Billy sing, "God bless America." It was soul rape.
2. Joey walked in on his parents. That must have been the worst kind of soul rape.
by personwithmuchtimeandnolife July 24, 2009

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