Acronym: "Seat Of The Pants"

Used to describe automotive performance upgrades while posting messages on automotive forums. It reflects how performance upgrades actually "feel" to the driver.
I just added a turbo to my car and the sotp is phenominal!

I changed my exhaust system to a high performance version but noticed little, to no sotp.
by Larry January 02, 2004
Top Definition
The opposite of ggo.
Honestly, Officer, I tried to sotp, but I don't know how.
by Jorge Benelux September 08, 2003
Stay Out The Penitentiary - A phrase commonly used by ex-cons referencing the desire not to go back to prison.
Man, ever since I turned my life around, I decided to SOTP!
#sotp #prison #penitentiary #jail #lockup #con #ex-con
by Ace Bomb June 22, 2006
Straight Out of the Trailer Park
Don't talk to that girl with the extensions, she is SOTP.
#trailer park #trash #white trash #wife beater #kfed
by dub jay July 01, 2009
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